Dragon’s Weave Wicca is a Wiccan tradition weaving together influences from a variety of sources ranging from Gardnerian Wicca to Mahayana Buddhism, from Native American philosophies of the Lakota people, to the Tao.

However… and this is critically significant… it is not Eclectic Wicca.

Dragon’s Weave Wicca is evolving, but it is not doing so by lumping together whatever spiritual practices “seem cool” this week. Striving towards a cohesive, coherent faith, every new thought, belief, custom and practice is subjected to scrutiny to determine if the underlying meaning contained within it is consistent with Wiccan core beliefs. If the meaning is found to be so, the specific means of expressing it are examined, and a particularly Wiccan method of expression is crafted for use.

You will find no sweatlodges, no pipe ceremonies, no prayer flags and no pujas in Dragon’s Weave. However, you will find purification rites, prayer offerings, blessing objects and ceremonies. But they will not look Indian; they will look Wiccan.

Dragon’s Weave Wicca has its roots in the practices of a coven, Circle of the Dragon’s Weave, which is now defunct. The High Priest of that coven has continued to collect and codify the thoughts and practices which have formed DWW.

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