Core Tenets

The core tenets of Dragon’s Weave Wicca are:

All that is, was created by the Great Union between Goddess and God.
This one tenet actually presupposes several others, and this fact should be clearly understood by the practitioner. The Great Union requires that there be a Goddess and God, so Their existence is also a core tenet. The metaphor most often used for the Great Union is sexual in nature. This should not be the only understanding of the term by the practitioner. But neither, in the interests of “propriety”, should the sexual nature of this Union be downplayed or ignored. There is nothing inherently un-Sacred about sex.
The Gods are immanent. All is contained within, and permeated by, the Gods. By extension, all life is sacred. All creation is sacred.
There is no place, no thing, and no one that is not of The Gods. Their presence is implicit in all things. Mindfulness of this fact is a requirement of the enlightened Wiccan practitioner, and is a central focus of our practice. Being aware of Them in every moment deepens our connection to all-that-is, and therefore to Them.
We were brought into being by the Gods for love’s sake, out of Their innate creative passion. Our existence is therefore a gift; there is no other reason why. The gift of our existence comes with no strings.
There is no requirement that we honor Them, love Them, seek to understand Their designs. We were not brought into being to serve Them, praise Them or worship Them. We are not charged, as a price for our breathing, to even notice Them. That is the nature of the word “gift”. However, as a mindful practitioner, it becomes difficult to be honest with one’s self, and not seek to grow more closely attuned to Them and to the Pattern of existence.
Our purpose is to grow as individuals, improving and perfecting ourselves. The specific areas of growth, and the methods used to achieve it, are numerous. They cannot all be achieved in a single lifetime. For this reason, we are allowed to reincarnate to continue the process.
This tenet incorporates a paradox: if we are indeed permeated by The Gods (and we are), and we are an extension of Them, then how can we be seen as imperfect or less than whole? The answer lies in what we are actually attempting to do by “perfecting” ourselves. The question to consider is: In the process of self-perfection, are we adding to what is already present in ourselves, or are we taking away? This quest for the answer is complex, and we can become sidetracked by mistakes and misperceptions. The “wrong turns” caused by these can cloud our understanding for a lifetime or more.
All reality is expressed in terms of dynamic balance between the creative force and the destructive force. Our place in the dynamic balance calls for us to employ our own creative powers, emulating the Gods.
Natural processes of entropy and decay are countered by creative processes. Everything has its role in this dynamic balance. But the key to understanding the intricacies of this balance are in knowing that not everything is actively involved in either creation or destruction, nor is the involvement necessarily balanced within each individual. The overall system is balanced; our role as aware people is to be creative. There is plenty of the reverse in the world.
We must strive to assist each other as much as possible, helping each other achieve growth of the individual. This striving is part of our own growth. Likewise, we must strive to minimize our negative impact on all that is, as such impact runs counter to the effort to assist others.
This has been expressed by the Rede in the past, but I am offering that we should not be satisfied with a simple injunction to harm none. We must move toward “heal all”. It should be clearly understood, however, that harming can be very sweet in appearance, while healing can take the form of an amputation. This should never be used to excuse a harsh, superior attitude. The term “tough love” has been used to justify all manner of abuses. An amputation, for example, is never attempted without some less negative option being considered.
Remember always that reality is a sealed system: what you put into the system will eventually return to you. All of your acts, words, thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs are subject to this rule. No exceptions, ever. Aside from this, all other rules are subject to conditions and interpretations. As always, you are responsible for the ramifications of your interpretations, whether they are seen or not, foreseen or not.
In many Wiccan traditions, this concept is expressed as the Rule of Three, or the Law of Returns. Dragon’s Weave chooses not to be caught up in the score-keeping that the Threefold concept implies. There is no set ratio of return, and no timetable. What is put in will return. That is all that can be said definitively. The consequences of our actions should not be seen as a web, or even as ripples, as they are often visualized. These models imply distance between the action and the ever-expanding consequences. Rather, it should be understood that distance is an illusion, as is separation; our actions affect everything, and the consequences are things we must be mindful of.
There is nothing that you are required to accept on faith alone. Question everything. Test everything to the best of your ability. Do this repeatedly and regularly. Reject anything that violates your reason.
Recognize that your reason requires just as much scrutiny as the item upon which you are using your reason. Test, improve and develop your powers of reason to expand its ability, and it will serve you well.
There are no real accidents or coincidences. Stop behaving as though there are.
Need more be said?
Our religion is not for sale. Never teach or perform our religion for anything save love of the Craft. Do not hesitate to condemn such selling should you witness it. Be mindful that you are not required to teach the Craft to anyone, nor perform our rites, ceremonies or other functions. You are specifically to refrain from teaching anyone not properly prepared to learn our Mysteries.
Recognize the difference between selling the Craft and sharing the costs of teaching. No one is required to impoverish themselves to provide training. The students should bear some of the costs; that which is offered at no cost will be held as having no value. Moreover, you are under no obligation to teach, train, or even perform for anyone other than yourself. Ignore any attempts to prod you into such actions by others, but be mindful that a Calling from The Gods is ignored at your peril. Learn to discern the difference between Their voice, the voice of someone infringing on your time, and the voice of your internal guilt. Respectively, these voices should be listened to, dissuaded, and ruthlessly dealt with.
Always keep in mind the dignity, sacredness, confidentiality and safety of our Craft and its practitioners. Take no action that would demean or defame it or them.
One ill-considered act can damn dozens of your fellow practitioners to be victims of others’ prejudice and fear. You are specifically charged here to be completely aware of the consequences of your actions that may poorly reflect on our faith… and not allow that to happen.
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