Is there a place for a Wiccan Guru?

A post by Dianne Sylvan (whose personal LJ is private, so I won’t be posting a link, nor quoting directly from her entry) got me thinking about the topic of the guru, and on whether such a role has any place in modern Wicca.

I believe it does.

Yes, I am wearing my flame-retardant armor. However, before the fireballs come sailing in, I’ll just forge ahead and explain myself.
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Naming Names: Thoughts on what we call Them

The Gods have been called by many names. The Goddess, in particular, is often referred to as “She Whose name is every name”. Technically, then, we shouldn’t have any trouble referring to the Divine as George and Gracey, but I’d be very surprised (and highly amused) to be in a circle where They were beseeched using those names.

Throughout most of Dragon’s Weave’s history, there was never a particular Goddess-form to Whom we called. In most cases, it was left to the Priestess casting the circle to do that, mindful of the purpose of the circle we were coming together to perform. If the primary purpose of the circle was healing, we generally did not call on Morrigan, for example. The God was less varied; He was typically called in one of the Horned aspects, Herne being the name I usually called.

I hadn’t given much thought to the names we used, although I was never really happy about the fact that the Goddess never seemed to have a name, when I called to her.
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